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Shutz up, I know what you're thinking... [Jan. 17th, 2007|11:41 pm]

Are You Depressed
When was the last time you..........
Laughed?:For real? idk.
Ate?:Two hours ago.
Cried?:Hour ago.
Do you........
Want to live?:Yeah.
Cry often?:Yes.
Get distracted often?:Yes.
Randomly cry?:Yes.
Have You...........
Thought of suicide or death?:No, not really.
Felt like ur not good enough?:Yes.
Felt sensitive about every little thing?:Yes.
Felt fearful for the future & lonely?:Yes.
Do You.......
Feel that people dislike you?:Yeah.
Feel anxious, irritated & agitated a often?:Yes.
Feel emotionally numb?:Yeah.
Feel overwhelmed by parts of life?:Yeah.
GIRLS ONLY! Your period been more than 2 days late?:Um, idk.
Your self maintenance lowered?:Yes.
Your self -esteem lowered?:Yes.
Do You.......
Get really angry for periods of time in a day?:Yup.
Hold back your true emotions?:Yeah.
Feel like giving up?:Sometimes, yes.
Feel weak/ mentally physically?:Yes.
Want to cry right now?:Kind of...(my head hurts)
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