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[Oct. 2nd, 2010|02:09 am]
Long Music Survey. [83 Questions].
Created by longview and taken 6235 times on Bzoink
Name?: Val.
Favorite Genre?: Metal.
Least Favorite Genre?: Any of the genres that end in "-core"
Favorite Song?: "Remember"
Favorite CD?: N/A.
First CD?: *cough* Brittany Spears *cough*
Last CD? [Lastest]: Disturbed's "Asylum"
Favorite Instrument?: Drums.
Favorite Artist/Band?: Disturbed.
Least Favorite Artist/Band?: Uhhh, Slipknot?
Are You In A Band?: Nope.
If So, What Instrument/What is the name of your band?: --
Mp3/iPod or CD Player?: iPod.
First Concert?: Projekt Revolution (Linkin Park, KoRn, Snoop Dogg, The Used, and Less Than Jake)
Lastest/Last Concert?: Sonata Arctica
Favorite Concert?: It's too hard to pick! Sorry! D:
Have You Ever Seen Your Favorite Artist/Band In Concert?: YES! Three times actually!
Have You Ever Met Your Favorite Artist/Band After The Concert?: No. ):
Any Band You Would Kill To See In Concert?: No.
Do You Attend Local Shows?: Not usually, but I have been to about two local shows.
How Many Concerts Have You Been To?: At least 10.
Have You Ever Gone To A Concert Alone?: Nope.
Have You Ever Gone To A Concert With A Large Group (More than 4 people)?: Nope.
Have Scars From Concerts?: Nope.
Been In A Pit?: Yes.
Started A Pit?: No.
Have You Ever Made Love At A Concert?: Nope.
Do You Listen To Classic Rock?: Yes.
Do You Listen To Punk?: Sometimes.
Do You Listen To Metal?: Yes.
Do You Listen To Grunge?: Only Nirvana, lol.
Do You Listen To Hip Hop?: No.
Do You Listen To Rap?: No.
Do You Listen To Hardcore (HxC)?: NO.
Do You Listen To Emo?: No.
Do You Listen To Pop?: Sometimes.
Do You Listen To Pop Rock/Punk?: Sometimes.
Do You Listen To Country?: No.
Do You Listen To Jazz?: No.
Do You Listen To Blues?: No.
Do You Listen To Techno/Electronica?: Sometimes.
Labels: ?
Is Your Hair Dyed?: Nope.
Is Your Hair Dyed An Unnatural Color?: --
Have You Ever Dyed Your Hair?: Nah.
Do You Own Band Merch?: Yes.
Do You Own A Studded Belt?: No.
Do You Own a Band T-Shirt?: Yes.
Do You Own a Bullet Belt?: No.
Do You Like To Play Sports?: It depends on which sport...
Do You Have An Interest In The Ghetto Culture?: Not at all.
Do You Have An Interest In The Anti-Christian Culture?: Nope.
Do Have Long Hair?: Yes.
Do You Have Short Hair [Shaved Heads/Mohawks Are Included In This]?: No.
Do You Have An Interest In Drinking/Drugs?: I have a little interest in booze and absolutely no interest in drugs.
Do You Hate The Punk/Gothic Culture?: No.
Best Bassist?: NOT Murderface, LOL.
Best Sampler/Keyboardist?: Mr. Hahn. Nah, idk.
Best Vocals?: Ohh, this one is hard. I can't choose.
Artist You Just Plain Hate?: LOTS. Slipknot, The Rolling Stones, KISS, U2, Puddle of Mudd, John Mayor, etc.
Musician/Artist You Idolize?: N/A.
Punk?: N/A.
Pop?: N/A.
Classic Rock?: LOTS. Led Zeppelin, Rush, ZZ Top, The Beatles, The Doors, Genesis, Queen, Black Sabbath, etc.
Jazz/Blues?: N/A.
Favorite "Scene"?: Your mom.
Current Least Favorite Song?:
Best Song To Cry To?: IDK.
Best Song To Party/Throwdown/Mosh To?: Any song from any of the classic rock bands I listed before.
Best Cover Song?: Aw, but there are so many...
Song With Best Lyrics?: (See above)
Song With Worst Lyrics?: LOL. Don't even get me started.
Song you HATE?: That "Who Let the Dogs Out?" song.
Do You Download Songs Or Buy CDs?: Both.
Best Slow Song?: Blue October has a lot of good slow, mellow songs.
Best Song To Make Love To?: IDK, LOL.
Final Question
At What Point Did You Realize, You're A Music Addict?: In like...2006.
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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[User Picture]From: paradis3
2010-10-02 07:17 pm (UTC)
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-10-02 07:54 pm (UTC)
Hey, don't you smile at me! LOL. (:
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[User Picture]From: paradis3
2010-10-03 08:45 pm (UTC)
Fine, then =P
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