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Bored? (203 Questions!) .:.About You.:. Full Name;;: Valerie… - Beautiful Moon Shadow [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 19th, 2006|07:26 pm]
[Current Mood |lonelylonely]

Bored? (203 Questions!)
.:.About You.:.
Full Name;;:Valerie [CENSORED].
Eye Color;;:Brown (with a very very tiny amount of dark green).
Hair Color;;:Brown with a few strands of red and blonde.
Marital Status;;:Single (and hating it).
Place Of Birth;;:Freehold, NJ.
Location Now;;:[CENSORED], NJ.
Screen-Name;;:Which one? AIM = IronWings902 & NightmarishMoon.
Siblings;;:One sister, named Katie.
Grade/School;;:Freshman in college.
Nicknames;;:Val and Woger.
Best Friend;;:Andrew/Aysh.
Describe Your Personality;;:Quiet, but also loud??
.:. Favorites .:.
Favorite Singer;;:--
Favorite Band;;:Disturbed.
Favorite Food;;:Chicken Quesadilla.
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink;;:Diet Dr. Pepper.
Favorite Alcoholic Drink:I can't pick one, they're so many good ones.
Favorite Color;;:Gray and/or darkish red.
Favorite Clothing Brand;;:--
Favorite Ice-Cream Flavour;;:*whimpers* They're all so good!
Favorite Restuarunt;;:Scooters. ((Their chicken wraps are bangin'.))
Favorite Athlete;;:--
Favorite Actor;;:Hugh Jackman <3
Favorite Actress;;:--
Favorite Movie;;:X-Men (all three movies), and/or Saw.
Favorite T.V Show;;:Spongebob Squarepants.
Favorite Cartoon Character;;:Plankton.
Favorite Book;;:The Sight.
Favorite Season;;:Fall.
Favorite Vacation Spot;;:Um...?
Favorite Place;;:The lake at the local park. It's so peaceful.
Favorite Holiday;;:Christmas. ^^;
Favorite Animal;;:Wolf and/or Tiger.
Favorite Sport;;:Volleyball.
Favorite Teacher (Past Or Present);;:Dr. Burden. ((Bless her little heat))
Favorite Quote;;:@.o
.:. Sex, Drugs, Rock&Roll .:.
Do You Smoke;;:Nope.
Do You Drink;;:When I can. ((I don't get drunk though))
Do You Do Drugs Of Any Sort;;:No.
If So Which Ones;;:--
How'd You Get Into Drugs;;:Your mom...
Do You Like Them;;:Bleh.
Are You Addicted;;:No, 'cause I've never done drugs.
Are You A Virgin;;:Yes.
If So, Do You Want To Be;;:No.
If Not, Who'd You Lose It To;;:--
How Many Times Have You Had Sex;;:"Everyone has more sex than me."
Ever Gotten Pregnant;;:No.
Use Contraception;;:--
Are You Single;;:Yes.
If So; Do You Want To Be;;:No.
If Not; Who Is He/She;;:--
Do You Love Him/Her;;:--
What's Is He/She Like;;:--
Have You Had Sex With Them;;:--
What Kind Of Music Do You Like;;:Rock and gothic metal.
Any Favorites;;:Disturbed, Beseech, Powerman 5000, Three Days Grace, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Blue October, etc.
Classic Rock or New Rock;;:Both. <3
Metal Or Death Metal;;:Metal.
Pop or Pop Punk;;:Pop punk.
Punk or Pop Punk;;:Doesn't matter.
Pop Punk or Metal;;:Metal.
Emo Or Screamo;;:Neither. Bleh.
Alternative Or Oldies;;:Oldies.
.:. This Or That .:.
Vanilla Or Chocolate;;:Chocolate.
Cats Or Dogs;;:Both.
Car Or Bus;;:Car.
Boat Or Plane;;:Plane.
Angel or Devil;;:Angel.
MySpace Or Bzoink;;:Bzoink.
MySpace Or Zenhex;;:Zenhex.
Life Or Death;;:Life.
Internet Or Television;;:Internet.
Journal Or Blog;;:Blog.
Rap or Rock;;:Rock.
Black Or White;;:Black.
Coke Or Pepsi;;:Pepsi.
McDonalds or Burger King;;:Neither.
Sing Or Dance;;:Neither.
Summer Or Winter;;:Summer.
Spring Or Fall;;:Fall.
Television Or Movies;;:Movies.
Morning Or Night;;:Night.
Stripes Or Plaid;;:Stripes.
Old Or New;;:Both.
Eat In Or Out;;:Both.
MP3 or Discman;;:MP3.
Top 8 or Top 24;;:Top 8.
.:... Last Person...:.
You Talked To;;:Mi madre.
Hugged;;:Mi hermana, Katie.
Kissed;;:Don't know.
Slept With;;:@.o
Fell In Love With;;:--
Cried With;;:Me, myself, and I.
Yelled At;;:Mi gata, Tuxedo.
Saw Cry;;:Don't know.
Who Hurt You;;:Don't remember.
Sang To;;:Mew?
Fought With;;:Katie.
Made Laugh;;:Don't know.
Laughed With;;:Andrew.
Hung Out With;;:Andrew, Pete, and Katie.
Smiled At;;:Katie.
.:. Beliefs .:.
Do You Believe In God/Devil?:Yes.
Love At First Site?:No.
Easter Bunny?:No.
Tooth Fairy?:No.
Gold At The End Of The Rainbow?:No.
Life On Other Planets?:Eh, I don't know anymore.
.:. Random .:.
Do You Wish On Stars;;:No.
Do You Believe Wishes Come True;;:Yes, sometimes.
Are Your Parents Still Together;;:Yes.
Has Anyone Close To You Died;;:No.
Do You Have MySpace;;:Yes.
Do You Have Any Gay/Lesbian Friends;;:Yes.
Where Do You Think We Go When We Die;;:Heaven/Hell.
Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend;;:No.
If So What's His/Her Name;;:--
Do You Think God Has A Gender;;:No.
Is It Possible To Remain Faithful Forever;;:Yes.
Ever Had A Nervous Breakdown;;:Almost...
Ever Had Surgery;;:Yes, but it was minor surgery.
Broken A Bone;;:No.
Been On T.V/Radio;;:Yes.
Ever Been In A Mosh-Pit;;:No.
Ever Cried In Public;;:Yes, when I was in elementary school.
Been Betrayed Or Backstabbed;;:Yes.
Ever Kissed The Same Sex;;:No.
Done Anything More With The Same Sex;;:No.
Talked On The Phone All Night;;:No.
Had Phone Sex;;:No.
Believed You Were Not Human;;:Ha ha, yes. ^^;
Know Anyone Who Is Suicidal;;:Right now? No.
Ever Thought Of Suicide;;:No.
Attempted Suicide;;:No.
Cried Yourself To Sleep;;:Yes.
Ever Had A Miscarriage/Abortion;;:No.
Ran Away From Home;;:No.
Gone Skinny Dipping;;:No.
Fallen Out Of A Tree;;:No.
Been Out Of The Country;;:Yes.
.:. Views On .:.
Abortion;:Disagree with it.
Gay Marriage;:Agree.
Terrorist Attacks;:x_x
Drugs;:Drugs = stupid.
Smoking;:Smoking = suicide.
Like To Express Any Other Feelings??:WOOF!!
.:. This Moment .:.
Are You Going Out Somewhere:;:I wish...
Are You Listening To Music:;:No.
What Are You Wearing:;:Clothes.
Are You Horny:;:No, not really.
Thing Your Touching Right Now:;:Keyboard.
Are You Bored:;:Yes.
Are You Eating Anything:;:No.
Drinking Anything:;:Nope.
Are You Working On Something:;:This survey.
Did You Have School Today:;:Yes.
Did You Work Today:;:No.
Are You Tired:;:No.
Are You Lonely:;:Yes.
What Is Your Mood Right Now:;:As K. Wrede would say, "BLAH."
Do You Miss Anyone:;:Meoof.
Are You Talking To Anyone Online:;:No.
Are You Talking To Anyone On The Phone:;:No.
.:. Almost Done .:.
Did You Enjoy This Survey?:Sure.
What Would You Rate It Out Of 10, 10 being highest?:7.
Did You Take It Because Your Bored?:Yes.
What Are You Going To Do Now?:Don't know.
Well Bye!:K, bye.
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