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Random Gothic Survey basics how old are you?: 18. are you… - Beautiful Moon Shadow [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 18th, 2007|12:01 am]
Random Gothic Survey
how old are you?:18.
are you male or female?:Female.
whats your fave colour?:Gray.
fave band and why:Beseech, because they make pretty music.
fave singer:idk.
fave horror movie?:Saw? Is that even a horror?
what would you rate the exerciste out of 10?:Never saw it.
in horror movies,should the good guy or bad guy win?:Eh, whatever.
do you
enjoy seeing others suffer?:No.
enjoy life or hate it?:It's okay.
laugh at pain?:No.
like the thought of death?:Uh? No.
have you ever
felt like you were gunna die?:No.
boild a spider to death?:No.
bullied others?:No.
taken drugs?:No.
had sex in public?:No.
do you care about others?:Yeah.
do you only do what you want?:Pretty much.
do you think death is hilarious?:No.
right now
are you thinking about who your next victim will be?:No.
are you happy or are you sad?:Sad-ish.
what are you drinking?:Saliva.
what are you eating?:Saliva?
what are you thinking about?:Stuff.
what are you doing?:Typing.
random questions
do you like spikes or chains best?:Definately chains. Fuck spikes.
sweet or sour?:Sour.
nice or mean?:A mix of both.
sex or drugs?:Sex.
life or death?:Life.
crazy or sane?:xD
hot or cold?:Warm-ish.
this test
did you enjoy this test?:No, because this isn't a "random gothic survey". There's nothing goth about it. :/
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